Hi, hello, how are you? It’s been a while.

Through a process of considerable trial-and-error, I’ve found that it works best for me to be actively present online for only part of the year. More by circumstance than design, I’ve come to model these cycles on the MLB season: hibernating offline over winter, and reappearing alongside Spring Training.

This year is a little different: at the time of writing it’s still not clear when / if the 2022 baseball season will get underway. The first games of spring should have been played by now, but ongoing negotiations between the league and the players’ association (over a new collective bargaining agreement) have resulted in a series of postponements.

Nevertheless, the advent of a new month is as good a date as any for this year’s reemergence. So, the site is live once again, and this blog / journal / notebook portion has been scrubbed clean. Over the coming months it’ll be home to ideas, questions, links to things I like, and all manner of other miscellanea: it’s intended as an all-purpose notebook on the web.

Elsewhere across the site, you can find an updated index of more substantial pieces here; the archive of annual favourite album lists over here; and trackers keeping tabs on what I’ve been reading, watching, playing, and listening to.

I hope you’re well despite the continual, and increasing, strangeness of the world. Thanks for stopping by.