A Memoir Blue

Over the weekend I played through A Memoir Blue, a short ‘interactive poem’ from Cloisters Interactive. Its combination of relatively light interactivity, with a focus on telling a personal story, reminded me of titles like ustwo’s Assemble With Care, and the superb Florence by Mountains (with which A Memoir Blue shares a publisher in Annapurna Interactive).

I found a lot to like in the magical realist tone, and the really effective manner in which it’s conjured through the mixing of two distinct animation styles. Both the 3D models and the hand-drawn animated characters are imbued with an impressive sense of personality. But, just as impressive, the world of the story is brought to life with charming detail and a really effective sense of material weight, which is far easier experienced than it is described.

A Memoir Blue is available now on consoles & PC, with a future release planned for iOS.