One year ago, the trade deadline was a massacre for the underperforming Chicago Cubs. The heart of the 2016 World Series winning team: All Star, multiple gold glove-winning first baseman Anthony Rizzo; All Star, former rookie of the year Kris Bryant; and All Star, most exciting player in baseball Javier Báez were all traded away within a 24 hour period, leaving both the roster, and my chest, feeling hollowed out. This year’s deadline — which falls today, 2 Aug — also has a heavy, dark cloud hanging over it. I’m checking the MLB app every couple of hours to see whether All Star offensive catcher Willson Contreras, and All Star left fielder Ian Happ have been traded away, likely in return for prospects whose names I don’t know, and whose future belongs still to the realm of theory, as unpredictable as a dice roll. ⚾️

3/8 Update: Good morning to everyone! And especially to Willson Contreras and Ian Happ, who are both still Chicago Cubs! All the best to Martin, Effross, Robertson, & Givens with their new teams.